Official announcement of Liburnicon 2012!

Liburnicon 2012

For our international guests, here’s the announcement in english:
Science fiction & fantasy festival Liburnicon will be held from 17. – 18.8.2012. in “R. K. Jeretov” Elementary school in Opatija, specially decorated for the occasion. The program will consist of lectures, entertainment, projections, performances, workshops, concerts, exhibitions and many board games as well as excellent gastronomic offer and special fantasy decorations…
As every year, we will present various well-known scientific (Korado Korlevic, Davor Jadrijevic, Amir Muzur, Domagoj Nikolic, Ivo Turk etc.) and TV personalities (TV host Kresimir Misak).  Guest of honor of Liburnicon 2012 is world famous Canadian fantasy author Steven Erikson, best known for his “The Malazan Book of the Fallen” book series. We remind you that Liburnicon previously hosted many famous guests, such as Davor Pavuna, academic Vladimir Paar, Ivan Simatovic, Slavko Kulic, Djurdjica Ugarkovic, astronomer Korado Korlevic, archaeologist Ranko Starac etc. We must also specifically point out last year’s guest of honor, Canadian fantasy author Guy Gavriel Kay, considered by many as one of the best fantasy authors of all time.
This year at Liburnicon we expect more than a thousand visitors and we will offer programming for all ages. For children up to 10 years of age a “Children’s Wizard School” with various educational content will be organised, for youngsters we recommend fun and original Liburnicon games, workshops and quizzes and for our older guests we recommend interesting lectures and presentations which will satisfy different tastes. We also offer great prizes courtesy of our sponsors, as well as a varied offering from our exhibitors.
This year’s music atractions at Liburnicon are Svarica and Shamrock, talented young regional bands of slavic folk and irish rock genres.
Tickets: 30kn/one day, 50kn/two days (20% of discount for official associations and visitors in costume)
Parking: free (we recommend arriving early)
Sleeping accomodations: 20kn per night per person (the hall is 1km away from the school where Liburnicon is held, prenotations will be accepted until 15.8.)
Guests: Kresimir Misak, Korado Korlevic, Davor Jadrijevic, Amir Muzur, Domagoj Nikolic, Ivo Turk, Mladen Ban, Ratko Martinovic, Miroslav Wanka and many others.
Topics: How did it all begun? Witches and vampires, Energy from nowhere, LARP, Klingon society, Mistic creatures, Forensics, Rediscovering of matrix…
Final programming schedule will be announced on our website to 12.8.2012.