Guy Gavriel Kay at Liburnicon 2011!

Liburnicon 2012

Science-fantasy & fantasy festival- Liburnicom will be held 19.-20.8.2011. in elementary school R.K. Jeretov in Opatija. Special and honored guest of Liburnicon this year is famous fantasy writer Guy Gavriel Kay.

Guy Gavriel KayGuy Gavriel Kay is multiple awarded Canadian fantasy author and, for most people, one of the best fantasy writer ever. His books are translated in 22 languages and sold in more than 2 million copies. Guy Gavriel Kay has loyal fans worldwide and he is often one of the biggest stars of international conventions of science-fantasy and fantasy. He has earned numerous awards for his work, for example World Pine Award, World Fantasy Award, International Goliardos Award etc. He is also known by his finishing of “Silmarilion” written by famous J.R.R. Tolkien and is also very much appreciated in Croatia. Kay is coming to Liburnicon to present his book “Ysabel” published by publishing house Algoritam who is one of the sponsors of this-year Liburnicon. NEWS –  Liburnicon 2011.Every year we make some changes in program, conception and content. You must be curious about surprises in our magic pot this year…New interior, rich and entertaining content, entirely new workshops, fantastic music and movies, available and cheap prices of interesting books, presenters, collectors, fun presentations, performances, interactive lectures, rich gastronomic offer, numerous social and original Liburnicon games and a program which is structured to satisfy needs of everyone. We also must mention  science-fantasy talk show casted by Krešimir Mišak “Science for future” with popular guests. One of the lecture themes which are especially interesting are about popular sciences and misteries, mythologies, futurology, gaming culture and, of course, lectures about popular SF tv-series. But details will be revealed later. Last year 800 people has visited Liburnicon, and this year, because of the quality of the program we expect even more visitors from every part of Croatia and also from abroad. The school interior, that is, complex Liburnicon is interesting and spacious, and we are doing our best to make some esthetic and technical changes. COSPLAY We remind you to bring your own costume on Liburnicon! It will be enough to wear a costume or a mask during competitions and organizators are prepairing special benefits for every one of you who are costumed. If you are coming from other distant parts and you can’t afford accommodation in some of the hotels in Opatija, we have organized overnight stay in the hall during both nights. You can send your applications for accomodation on Unfortunately, number of places is limited so you must hurry! Cotization for one night is 20 kn. Bring sleeping bags or sponge. Information is presented for information purposes and general changes and changes in their content because of unforeseen circumstances are possible. PROGRAM: TIME: 19.-20.8.2011. PLACE: osnovna škola „R. K. Jeretov“ TICKETS: 50kn/two days, 30kn/one day PARKING: Free PLACE: near Billa supermarket, 200m from the beach, 5 min from the center of town PROSTOR LIBURNICONA: MORE ABOUT Guy Gavriel Kay: NOTE: The above information are informative and may be changed due to unplaned circumstances.