Cosplay announcement!

Liburnicon 2014

August is here, and Liburnicon is very close by! As always, we will host a cosplay contest. There will be a special cosplay category, based on Liburnicon 2014’s main theme – SUPERHEROES!

The contest itself will be held over 3 days of the festival culminating on Saturday evening. This year the voting will be slightly different, with a special audience award for each category, and 3 awards in each category assigned by a panel of judges.

Two categories: “SUPERHEROES” cosplay and “Free theme selection” cosplay

Each category will feature 4 prizes: a special audience award and 3 jury awards.

How about those news?

You all know what to do? Let your imagination run free, get your hands and mind working and create a wonderful costume! Then apply for the contest via e-mail:

All you need to do is write your name, surname, age, name of the character you’re cosplaying, and the category you’re applying for.

Applications are accepted up to August 27th via e-mail, and we will also accept applications at the festival itself. Good luck, and see you at Liburnicon!