About us

Liburnicon is a festival for fans of science fiction, fantasy, advanced science, history and mythology, organised by the association „Kulturni front“ from Opatija.

The first Liburnicon was held in 2006. under the name Abbacon. It was a gathering of several dozen science fiction and fantasy fans from Opatija and the surrounding region. Today it has grown into a festival with over 1200 visitors from all over Croatia, and also from abroad. We have been attracting visitors of all ages and various interests for years now. In the beginning Liburnicon was conceived as a small summer convention in the Liburnia region, and over time it developed into a festival that offers not only convention-style programming, but also musical, artistic, and even excursion content.

Liburnicon is held in Opatija, a seaside town situated under the Učka mountain on the shore of northern Adriatic. It is only 15 kilometers from Rijeka, third largest city in Croatia. Opatija is known as the town of villas and hotels, not without reason: it is a beautiful town of exceptional architectural value, focused on tourism.

We make an effort to bring interesting lecturers, scientists and writers from Croatia and abroad to every Liburnicon. In previous years we have welcomed dr. sc. Davor Pavuna, academic Vladimir Paar, arh. Ranko Starac, noted astronomer Korado Korlević, physicist dr. sc. Davor Horvatić and many others. Our international guests include notable writers such as Guy Gavriel Kay, Steven Erikson, Jacqueline Carey and Cheryl Morgan.

Liburnicon programming includes both educational and entertainment content. Organizers, volunteers, guests, exhibitors and, most importantly, visitors all take part in our entertainment programming in various ways. Games, workshops, presentations and shows are what makes our festival different from international conventions. Fun at a concert with a refreshing beer, an afternoon’s swim on one of Opatija’s many beaches or a game of „Giant Settlers“ between lectures are what makes our festival feel special.

In any case, Liburnicon is a great place to meet new people or strengthen old friendships. It is an excellent way to spend a constructive and entertaining weekend taking advantage of a rich and varied schedule where everyone can find something for themselves, both those who are very interested in the festival’s programming and those who just want to spend time socialising, gaming, at the beach or a walk through the woods or along the seaside.
See you next Liburnicon!