Tickets and rules

It isn’t necessary to reserve the tickets to Liburnicon. Tickets will be sold at the door and we are not expecting to be selling them elsewhere (no presale).


70kn (9,5 ~ 12,5 ) = 3 dana / 3 days
60kn (8€ ~ 10,5$) = dva dana / two days
40kn (5,5€ ~ 7$) = jedan dan / one day
20kn (2,5€ ~ 3,5$) = četvrtak / one day
Besplatno ( free ) = nedjelja / thursday

No admission fee: VIP guests, guests, organizers, volunteers, lecture/program hosts?, children under 12, and all visitors with severe disabilities You can buy the tickets on our site too with Entrio!

Festival Regulations There are no outside alcoholic beverages allowed on the indoor premises of the Festival. Persons caught with outside alcohol will be asked to give up their beverage or exit outdoors. In the case of large crowds on the premises where the outdoor program is taking place, the visitors with their own beverages are required to give the Festival benches to the visitors who had purchased beverages at the Festival. It is forbidden to serve alcoholic beverages to minors (under 18). The Festival policy has zero tolerance for all illegal drugs, narcotics, as well as violence on the Festival premises. We kindly ask of our visitors to make their passes clearly visible at the entrance, so as to facilitate the work of the security, as well as to avoid large crowds at the entrance. Every visitor found on the Festival premises without a valid pass will be asked to leave the premises or purchase a pass at the door. Visitors who are disturbing the public peace or engaging in illegal activities will have their pass taken away, and they will be removed by the security or, if necessary, detained until the arrival of the police. Every visitor is responsible for their own personal belongings on the premises, and in the case of theft, the organization “Kulturni Front” or the organizers individually will not be held responsible. No such cases have occurred so far and we are giving our best each year to keep it that way. All visitors are asked to abide by the instructions given by the organizers and/or security. The visitors are forbidden from removing the Festival inventory from the Festival premises. According to the Festival regulations, security has the right to check any bags, backpacks, and/or purses brought on the premises of the Festival only with an oral approval or physical presence of one of the organizers. Each security guard will be wearing visible identification or a security uniform. All domestic pets are forbidden from entering the indoor premises of the festival, except the guide dogs for the blind.